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Stumbled upon this community, and knew I simply must join. I am Guard Lyx M. Wright, founding Guard in the new Arizona Mission. I'm told that I am not like most Guards.. a bit more colorful, perhaps? Some of the Sisters here insist that I am destined to pick up a habit (we all have a few of them, don't we?) and be a Sister someday.. I don't see it, but who knows? For now, I am filling a much needed role. For now I am a lone Guard, but I'm planning on baiting cage traps with rice crispie treats to lure some of the local Leather boys into joining the ranks!

We are all having a great time getting our little order in order.. learning to put on our pretty faces, taking great pride in the slutty and/or stunning outfits we're concocting. Looking forward to our first official run, Phoenix Pride 2007, this April!

In the meantime, Sister Mischif and I are frolicking off to L.A. for Mister Sister Leather this March.. good times for all! We're looking forward to the road trip, and visiting with our fabulous California cousins! Hope to see some (most! all!) of you there.

Blessing in tongues,

Guard Lyx
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