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Join the AZ Sisters at Phoenix Pride!

Sisters and friends,

Come join us at pride!

Phoenix Pride 2007 invite
Phoenix Pride 2007 invite

To our Sisters:
Greetings from the Valley of the Sun!

We are thrilled to be in the position of saying that we are here, we are getting ready for our debut, and we are extending our invitation to you. Please ,as you are willing and able, join us here for our Phoenix Pride Weekend. We would love the company and support, and as fledgling Novice Sisters we crave contact with those wiser and more experienced than ourselves!

Phoenix Pride is scheduled for April 14 and 15, 2007. From the generosity and excitement of one of our local publications we have The Sisters' Dry Run at area bars on the evening of the 13th, our appearance on the ECHO float in the parade on the 14th, and a home base to duck into some shade both days at the Pride festival as we appear at the ECHO Magazine booth. The main event website is and we will have advertisements and coverage at as well.

If you plan to join us, please contact Sister Leavia Laufin at
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